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In the 70s a new partner dance swept through the New York dance scene - a dance that embraced the new music and seemed to have a space for everyone. This dance was called the Latin Hustle.

After the initial decades of hype and fame, the dance died back down into the communities and socials where it came from. Until, of course, everything old became new again. And now a new generation is excited to learn and build and connect. 

In 2013 a small group of street dancers in Vancouver were getting swept up in the hustle revival they were seeing in events around the world. They decided to get together every Tuesday at Robson Square to swap the few things they knew. From these humble beginnings, the sessions grew and the dancers learned.

Eight years later, the Vancouver scene is known around the world as one of the best hustle scenes. Our events attract visitors from around the world, our dancers are flexing their creative wings with this wonderful art form, and the Tuesday sessions regularly bring in over 100 people on warm summer nights.

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