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Victor Vân Tran/Savage Rock


Since 2010, Victor has worked in dance as a competitor, teacher, performer, choreographer, community organizer, and event director. Known as B.Boy Savage Rock within the underground scene, Sav is also one half of the Hustle duo, Savage & Samuelle. As the president of the Hustle at RS Dance Society, Sav supports the organization's overall direction, chairs board meetings, ensures compliance with laws and standards, manages conflict management, and oversees board governance and organizational success. Victor is the executive director at CADA/West, a non-profit that supports dancers with resources and training subsidies, advocating for fairness in the industry.


Erin Michell

Director of Operations

Erin, a passionate hustler, fell in love with the dance's style, music, and community. She convinced her husband, Stewart, to join her in private lessons with Sam & Savage for their wedding dance. Now regulars at RS's Tuesday classes, Erin leads operations, ensuring the organization's stability. A choreographer and movement director, she shares her love for the arts globally in both theatre and film/TV industries. Erin values the global hustle community, connecting with artists worldwide. Dancing with NYC hustle pioneers is a highlight, and she eagerly continues learning and sharing hustle with family, friends, and strangers alike.


Nathalie Scott-Hsiung


Nathalie found her way to hustle in the summer of 2016. Over the past several years she has grown into a community leader, event organizer, hustle instructor, and Hustle at RS Dance Society Board Member. Nathalie has played a vital role in securing our indoor dance space, tracking finances, and drafting the first Code of Conduct for the community. She loves the creativity and joy that hustle allows her to express and is constantly looking to expand her knowledge. Outside of hustle, Nathalie works as an environmental policy analyst and can be found sewing or hiking in her spare time.


Ami Jagger

Director of Outreach

Ami first hit the Vancouver dance scene in 2007, performing on multiple stages and events. After taking some time off, she stumbled into Hustle at RS in 2016 and it was a game-changer for her — she not only fell in love with the dance itself but also with the warm and welcoming community that came with it. Now, as a board member, her main mission is to keep the Tuesday tradition alive, all while spreading her passion for Hustle and bridging communities. When she is not immersed in Hustle, she's running her own business curating dream vacations for her clients.

Our past board members:

Angelo Trinidad

Boris Khramtsov

David Chen

Eliane Bowden

Samuelle Auclair

Shawn Cheng

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